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5 Korkeakoulunkatu


Architects' Guild of Tampere

Architects guild stands as the base of architect students' identity as the humanist of technology. Hence the mysterius reputation amongst other students the guild members aim to make their cheerful existence known in various social events usually bringing honor to the community.

Tampere Film Festival, exhibitions and galleries are part of the art and culture orientated range of the guilds excursions. Actively used by students the legendary kitchen and its surroundings at School of Architecture serve as a scene for joyful time together and even for artistically daring bohemian spirit creating a scene with our guilds unique atmosphere - a forum, where bewildering inspiration after another sees the morning light through a coffee flavored haze.

The simple idea of architect students to seamlessly combine free time and studies around-the-clock enables a continuous attendance at the drawing halls and the kitchen area, and thus a warm welcoming for visitors at all hours.


The guild has been thinking about ordering CadPieces that would be comfortable to wear all day long. These black college-jumpsuits would be ordered from Minoria which is a company founded by clothing business students. Therefore CadPieces would be Finnish design and really high quality. The jumpsuit would cost approx. 70€ + printing costs. There could be an A-logo on them and also a logo of a possible cooperation partner on the sleeve. Samples (three sizes) will arrive on May and the first set of 30 CadPieces would be here in autumn. Now you have a chance to tell us what you think about this!

Would you consider ordering a CadPiece? *