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Vierailuluento: Elina Seppänen - Energy in Tampere

Elina Seppänen: Energia Tampereella - ajankohtaista energia-asiaa liittyen
energiajärjestelmään, maankäytön suunnitteluun ja rakentamiseen

Elina Seppänen who is specialized in energy efficiency comes to give a lecture the 8th of December. She will reflect on how renewable energy sources can be taken into account in town planning, and how all this affects the city of Tampere. To have something special for the last guest lecture of this year, there will be some Christmassy snacks. And what would a guest lecture be without wine serving... 

The wine serving will start at 16:00 and the lecture itself at 16:15 in RO105. Lecture is free and open for all. Lecture is in Finnish.