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5 Korkeakoulunkatu


Exchange Food Fest / Vaihtariruokafestari

Helmi Hytti

(in Finnish below)

What: Exchange Food Fest
Where: TamArk Guild room
When: Thursday 7.4.2016
At: 18:00

TamArk organizes an Exchange Food Fest first time in the guild's history, for both Finnish and International guild members!

Is there a recepie you are really good at preparing? Do you want to show some traditional foods from your country to everyone? Come, and bring your favorite dish to our guildroom, and let others taste your creation. At the same time you have the possibility to taste different dishes and meet architect students you possibly haven't met yet! Win-win-situation!

Please, bring also a paper with a list of the ingredients, so people who are allergic and/or have some kind of diet are also welcome to enjoy with us!

Tuokaa ruokaa.