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5 Korkeakoulunkatu

Materials for sale

Foam boards

Guild’s material sale has moved to TUTLab. The material stock will be sold out and after that TUTLab will continue to sell similar materials according to its own system. The materials sold are 3 mm (6 €) and 5 mm (7 €) foam boards. Prices and account number will be the same, just visit first TUTLab and inquire about the availability of the materials from the TUTLab staff. If you are an exchange student you can also pay in cash.

Do the following

  1. Inquire from the TUTLab staff about the availability of the materials.
  2. Pay to the guild’s account (FI4220941800013337, message: kapa / your own name) or pay in cash to the staff

  3. Show the receipt to the staff and the materials are yours.