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Rules of signing up

When enrolling into an event, it is required to follow the rules below.

Sign up

- A person who has signed up is obligated to pay the enrollment fee to the reported account with the  given message before the due date.

Cancelling the sign up

- The sign up must be cancelled before the database is shut or within other given time limit.
- The cancelling happens ALWAYS by messaging the contact person announced in the event description, by e-mail or phone.
- If the cancelling doesn't happen appropriately within the given time limit, the participant has to pay the enrollment fee even if they can't attend the event.
- If the due date to cancel the sign up has passed, the participant can sell their ticket onward themselves. If the seller has already paid the enrollment fee, they can settle the payment with the buyer by their own rules. If the fee hasn't been paid to TamArk's account yet, the buyer can use the old paying instruction they'll get from the seller.

Reminders of the payment

- If the payment hasn't arrived to the TamArk's account, a reminder will be sent.
- If the payment hasn't arrived after two (2) reminders, the final third reminder will be sent. Attached to the third reminder is an additional 5€ fee (added to the enrollment fee). The name of the person will be simultaneously recorded to the black list.

The black list

- A person whose name is on the black list can't take part in any of TamArk's events, whether the events have enrollment fees or not. 
- A person whose name is on the black list will be deleted from all the databases they have signed in. 
- To get out from the black list and to gain the right to participate in TamArk's events, the person must pay all the unpaid fees with the possible additional fees and inform the treasurer about the issue.
- If it has been less than 3 bank days from the payment or the person suspects that the payment won't be visible on the account for some reason, a receipt of the payment must be added when contacting the treasurer (for example a screen capture of an online bank account).


Please note: The essential part of getting out of the black list is to contact the treasurer! Only after that will you be removed from the black list, even if you had paid all the uncompleted payments in deep silence.